Wednesday, October 17, 2012


mcm ade bende tak kene...haishhh tak tahu mendealah ape...keje nak marah je aku nie.......ade je yang tak kene...walaubagaimanepun sang cigar bukan penyelesaian..jgn bergantung kepade asap..bergantung lah kepade Nye....nak g kelas...okebai..

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

to : ca ya nun ta alif ha alif ta ya..:)

I'm just listenin' to the clock go tickin'I am waiting as the time goes by.I think of you with every breath I take, I need to feel your heart be next to mine.You're all I see, in everything.
I just wanna hold you, I just wanna kiss you, I just wanna love you all my life.I normally wouldn't say this, but I just can't contain it.I want you here forever, right here by my side.
All the fears you feel inside, and all the tears you cry, they're ending right here.I'll heal your heart and soul; I'll keep you oh so close.Don't worry; I'll never let you go.You're all I need, you're everything.
No one else would ever do.I got a stubborn heart for you.Call me crazy, but it's true; I love you.I didn't think that it would be, you have made it clear to me.You're all I need.